The FX-350™ Top Drive Casing Running Tool fills, rotates, circulates and reciprocates the casing string simultaneously, thus improving the ease with which casing strings are run to desired target depth, even with troublesome or difficult hole conditions.

  • Patented thread compensator assists with thread/make-up integrity. Reduces potential for thread damage during make-up
  • Equipped with control-operated PRAYING MANTIS® pipe pick-up arms and automated HORSESHOE® single joint elevator
  • Designed to meet or exceed API 8C requirements
  • Interlock functionality ensures that either the spider or FX-350 are directed to the set position at all times, reducing the risk of dropped pipe
  • Patented mixed string running capability (e.g. 4 1/2 inches x 5 1/2 inches without redressing slips)
  • Graphic display, for advanced functionality, indicates slip position, pipe end position and fault detection

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