The Genesis 7000™ is a portable stand-alone tong system that is capable of accepting cassettes equipped with various Frank’s model tongs. This enables the system to accommodate pipe sizes 3 1/2-in. through 14 3/9-in. and is FLUID GRIP® capable 12 inches through 4 1/2 inches.

  • Equipped with Frank’s safety door interlock system
  • Remote operation enhances safety by removing personnel away from the well center
  • Quickly converts from casing mode to drill pipe landing string by adjusting the separation distance between the tong and backup
  • System design allows for single lift of the entire system to the rig floor
  • The modular rail system enables the Genesis 7000™ to be positioned on various rig floor layouts/sizes
  • Compatible with Frank’ DATA TREK® Advantage data acquisition system
  • Unique tong suspension system compensates for thread loss during make-up
  • Carriage design provides tong with 50 inches of vertical travel
  • Tong cage plate alignment indicator for fast tong removal
  • Requires rig air supply for control system

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