The Frank’s International IRON-GATE™ Cast Iron Cement Retainer & Bridge Plug uses a revolutionary adaptation of cast iron material designed to eliminate the difficulties commonly associated with remedial cementing and qualified short to long-term barrier systems including long drill out times. The IRON-GATE™ is API 11D1/ISO 14310 V3 qualified and provides reliable downhole integrity, facilitates efficient remedial cement placement, and eliminates the need for additional equipment by utilizing our MULTI-Setting Tool and MULTI-Wireline Adaptor Kit (M-WLAK).

  • Key Benefits and Features
    • Innovative slip retention device eliminates the risk of partial setting and losing slips downhole to provide a more debris tolerant product that eliminates additional trips in the wellbore and costly drill-out operations
    • MULTI-Setting Tool and M-WLAK are field convertible and compatible with the IRON-GATE™ and BIG EASY® Composite Cement Retainer for a cost-effective inventory and space management solution
    • Large bore tool design provides more efficient pump times by increasing the flow area by over 60%
    • Reliable sliding valve design increases seal integrity by reducing the risk of valve erosion
    • Enhanced elastomer element design prevents costly and time-consuming remedial operations by increasing pressure capabilities up to 6,000 psi
    • Field convertible to a top-venting bridge plug that can be conveyed via wireline, drill pipe, tubing, or coiled tubing with mechanical and hydraulic options available
    • Body-lock ring eliminates timely complex operations of closing the blow out preventer or hydril by locking the mandrel in position when opening the sliding valve without requiring annulus pressure
    • Top ring rotational lock design allows for faster drill out by preventing the top ring from spinning freely
    • Convertible to a hydro-mechanical bridge plug for single-trip negative testing, single-trip permanent and temporary abandonment, and cementing operations

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