The Maximus Bridge Plug is designed to be run through restrictions and still have the ability to set securely and hold pressure in larger diameters, eliminating the need to pull tubing in most cases. It is used for zonal isolation, well abandonment, casing pressure tests, and stimulation. The Maximus’ patented sealing and backup system allows these small plugs to be high pressure and temperature rated.

  • Wireline, tubing, or coiled tubing set
  • 10,000 psi pressure rating available
  • 350 degrees F temperature rating
  • Carbide button slips allow for setting in casing grades above Q125
  • Smaller ID allows this plug to be run through restrictions, like nipples
  • Anti-swab/anti-preset characteristics with patented backup and sealing design
  • Setting force held in place by internal body lock ring

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