The Frank’s International MULTICATCH™ Dart Catcher System provides enhanced cement displacement, cost-effective pipe cleaning, and efficient operations by allowing wiper darts or wiper balls to be caught and retrieved during inner-string cementing and balanced plug operations. The MULTICATCH™ Dart Catcher has the capacity to catch up to eight darts, nerf or polyurethane wiper balls, or a combination of both, the largest in the industry. The MULTICATCH™ Dart Catcher System eliminates the need for dart drill-out and reduces overall cement drill-out time while allowing full forward and reverse flow capabilities when all darts are caught.


When used in combination with the BLACKHAWK® suite of cement heads and swivels, the MULTICATCH™ Dart Catcher System provides the operator with a complete package solution to ensure the exact location of downhole fluids during inner-string cement jobs, cementing squeezes, and balanced cement plugs for temporary and permanent well abandonment or sidetrack operations. Additionally, the MULTICATCH™ Dart Catcher System can be run in conjunction with the Universal Cement Sub with four different jetting configurations to accommodate multiple wellbore conditions and provide efficient cement placement.

  • Features and Benefits
    • Proprietary ball seat design provides a pressure spike at the surface when darts land in the tool to show exact displacement location for more reliable cement operations
    • 4.7 in2 flow area for full forward and reverse flow capabilities even with all darts caught
    • Indication pressure can be changed by utilizing different dart noses for increased operational flexibility
    • Proprietary dart design thoroughly wipes multiple IDs of the cementing string and maintains separation of wellbore fluids to reduce costly pipe cleaning and cementcontamination
    • Secondary bypass mechanism ensures full cement and mud displacement for increased reliability in the event an obstruction prevents dart from entering the catcher
    • Optional Universal Cement Sub can be set up for down-jet or up-jet configuration to optimize cement placement at the end of the work string

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