The Multiple Dart Catcher provides indication of the exact location of downhole fluids during inner-string cement jobs or cementing squeezes, and balanced cement plugs for temporary/permanent well abandonment or sidetrack operations. The proprietary dart design thoroughly wipes the ID of the cementing string and maintains separation of wellbore fluids as they are pumped down hole.

  • Proprietary ball seat design provides a pressure spike at the surface when each dart lands in the tool, providing exact depth and displacement location
  • Two models available to catch four or eight darts
  • Receptacle and cage below ball seat retain darts, which are retrieved with the tool on surface
  • Allows both forward and reverse flow through the tool with or without darts captured
  • Efficient inner-string cementing of large diameter casing strings saves valuable rig time and eliminates risks associated with SSR plug sets. Fluid separation and dart indication improves accuracy in squeeze cementing operations, saving time and money
  • Improved quality in setting balanced cement plugs for temporary or permanent well abandonment mitigates the need for costly and hazardous remedial efforts

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