Blackhawk’s QUP Retrievable Bridge Plug/Packer is a wireline retrievable packer for tubing. It was designed for well control when nipples are damaged or non-existent. It is commonly used for zonal isolation, pressure tests, wellhead repair, temporary abandonment, stimulation, gas lifts, water shut offs, and as a thru tubing hanger. Its small diameter allows it to pass through restrictions and be set and retrieved anywhere in the production tubing with wireline, coiled tubing, or tubing. It has a patented ratchet and release mechanism for ease of retrieval.

  • 7,500 psi pressure rating
  • 350°F temperature rating
  • Slickline, E-line, coiled tubing, or tubing retrievable
  • Designed with slips above the element for easy retrieval in harsh conditions
  • Elastomer options for demanding and hostile environments
  • Retrieval equalization occurs while plug is still fully set in casing

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