The RTS-H Cassette is a special development of the original RTS product line, designed specifically for use with NOV’s HYDRATONG™ MPT-200 modular iron roughneck system.

  • Modular Cassette System can be installed into carriage in minutes
  • The use of NOV’s HYDRATONG™ carriage provides tie-in to the rig’s ZMS system and ESD
  • Self-contained air-over-hydraulic cassette controls operate independently from rig’s control systems
  • Compatible with Frank’s DATA TREK® Torque Turn Monitoring System
  • Compatible with Frank’s Integrated Control System for torque-hold required connections
  • 14 3/8-inch cassette provides variable separation distance between tong and backup to accommodate casing and drill pipe landing string connections
  • A 7 5/8-inch Jaw Reducer Kit can be installed in the 14 3/8-inch tong to run smaller pipe sizes with standard 7 5/8-inch tong jaws, or to install the 8 3/4-inch FLUID GRIP® for use on CRA tubulars

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