The Sheaveless COBRA® Control Line Manipulator Arm improves safety and efficiency during control line running operations.


  • Eliminates sheaves rigged up in derrick
  • Eliminates man-riding activities associated with sheave rig-up
  • Control lines can be run from below the rig floor through a mouse hole or from behind the tool
  • Rated to run control lines with a maximum combined breaking strength of 31 tons
  • Quick and easy clamp installation, as Sheaveless COBRA® presents and holds control lines in the ideal position against tubing
  • Control line integrity management – Sheaveless COBRA® interlocked with spider
  • Enables off-line rig-up of spoolers and control lines
  • Enables pre-termination of completion assemblies
  • Free-standing set-up; Sheaveless COBRA® mounts onto its own base-plate for stability
  • Control line and umbilical tension-monitoring system complete with read-out
  • Control line “cut and secure” system allows the driller to cut the control lines safely in the event of dropped string
  • The secure feature holds the cut-ends from the spoolers to prevent uncontrolled backlash of control line towards spoolers
  • Remote operation allows for single handed control of Sheaveless COBRA®, spider and elevator
  • Electro-hydraulic control system with safety interlocks enhances personnel safety while ensuring control line integrity
  • Drive rollers allow control lines to be driven through the Sheaveless COBRA® to provide additional line at the rig floor
  • Mechanical safety latches prevent arm from behind accidentally lowered during clamp installation

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