The Single Wiper Plug (SWP) System substantially increases cement integrity by preventing contamination of the cement slurry while it is pumped through the drill pipe and casing. The system features a drill pipe dart that provides a mechanical barrier behind the cement in the drill pipe, then launches the casing wiper plug, isolating cement inside the casing while wiping the ID of the string as cement is displaced out of the shoe. The dart and plug feature latching noses and receptacles for reliable bump and backpressure capability.

  • Protection of cement slurry
  • Mostly composite for improved drill-out
  • Latch-down nose secures plug into landing collar/float equipment for bump and drill out
  • Positive locking mechanism for reliable deployment
  • Emergency plug release feature on running tool
  • Ball Catcher Baffle option to retain diverter closing ball(s)

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