Blackhawk’s Standard Storm Valve is designed to isolate drill pipe below the BRUTE®/HD Packer for disconnection during a weather emergency or surface equipment repair. Featuring a J-overshot running tool with a quarter-turn disconnect, the valve can be repeatedly opened and closed allowing pressure testing of the BRUTE®/HD Packer prior to disconnection.


The heavy-duty bearing assembly enables valve operation with the running string in compression, and allows the string to be reconnected and the valve opened to equalize pressure prior to BRUTE®/HD Packer release.

  • NC-38 and NC-50 connections holds up to 325,000 lbs tensile
  • J-overshot running tool disconnects with a quarter-turn for fastand efficient valve placement
  • Valve can be repeatedly opened and closed with two quick rotations for testing packer seal elements prior to disconnection
  • Expendable plug provides through-bore access for circulation and wireline deployment

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