The ULTRASEAL™ Auto-Fill Float Equipment is designed for running and cementing tight-tolerance 9-5/8” and larger casing/liner strings. Industry-leading technology combined with exclusive features results in the most capable and flexible auto-fill system available.

  • High-pressure holding capability from proprietary dual, composite flapper valves – fully PDC-drillable, temperature resistant to 300 degrees F
  • Large ID through valves and ball seat to maximize running speeds, minimizing surge pressures
  • Activation flow rate and pressure can be adjusted “on-the-fly,” just prior to running downhole via the removable ball seat
  • Only the activation ball is expelled, no auto-fill tube that needs to be caught downhole
  • “Stackable” without the need for modification; one deactivation ball can trip two or more collars
  • Activation ball can be trapped in place with optional retainer
  • Anti-rotation feature on landing surface prevents plugs from spinning during drill-out
  • Tapered landing surface compatible with most SSR plug sets

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