The Frank’s International Wiper Ball and Dart Drop Sub allows wiper balls and darts to be pre-loaded into an enlarged-ID handling sub and made-up to the drill pipe for quick deployment into the landing string before, during, or after cementing operations.

  • Standard Features and Benefits:
    • Enlarged ID makes loading wiper balls and darts easier than loading into standard drill pipe
    • Reduces risk of dropped objects when loading wiper balls or darts into drill pipe over the rotary
    • Provides an economic solution when run above or below Frank’s International swivels to launch wiper balls or darts when flow-around capability is not required


    Optional Quick-Load Features and Benefits:

    • Quik-Lock™ connection with large ID makes loading wiper balls and darts easier by removing the need to force wiper balls or darts into the drill pipe while maintaining API connection strength

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