The Wireline Retrievable Bridge Plug is commonly used for zonal isolation, pressure tests, wellhead repair, temporary abandonment, squeeze cementing, and stimulation. It can be set with and retrieved by wireline, tubing, or coiled tubing. Its bidirectional slips and conventional three element packing system ensure it stays in place and isolates pressure. The unique equalizing valve design creates ease of retrieval and equalization while slips are still set in casing.

  • 7,500 psi pressure rating
  • 350 degrees F temperature rating
  • Slickline, E-line, coiled tubing, or tubing retrievable
  • Exclusive test mandrel allows testing inner O-rings of the equalizing valve
  • Carbide slip segments available for casing harder than 125 yield
  • Integral internal bypass opens before slips are released to allow pressure equalization
  • Elastomer options for demanding and hostile environments
  • Overshot washes to the gage ring to improve retrieval reliability
  • Optional inner mandrel allows for hanging gauges below the plug
  • Anti-swab/anti-preset characteristics with angled backup design

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