The patented XTREME3™ Connector is a deepwater-ready, premium threaded connection featuring a standard metal seal and a negative load flank, ensuring increased performance and reliability. This connector was developed for the three provinces governing its name: extreme tension, extreme compression and extreme bending.

  • Tapered shoulder keeps seals engaged while in tension by suppressing radial deflection
  • Increased shoulder torque helps resist back-out due to vibration
  • Angle of thread cone allows for optimized stress distribution across the thread pattern and a centered load distribution in relation to the pipe wall
  • Negative load flank on the teeth keeps the threads engaged under loading and prevents “jump-out”
  • Optimized thread relief grooves alleviate stress in critical locations on the connector
  • A deep-stab, lower alignment face allows for quicker make-up and cross-thread prevention
  • Featured reservoirs reduce excess dope build-up and subsequent dope pressure
  • Environmental metal seal allows for a more reliable seal at higher pressures
  • Half-dovetail groove prevents the elastomeric o-ring from interfering with make-up

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