VERSAFLO Time Saver Series

Now with additional solutions tailored to a broad range of applications.

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The Frank’s VERSAFLO™ tool debuted in mid-2017 as a fill-up, flowback and circulation device for offshore operations. To better meet the demand for this time-saving technology across multiple applications, we have expanded the VERSAFLO™ tool line to include additional solutions.


  • Protects the critical path through quick and efficient rig-up and rig-down times
  • Eliminates the need to make up the top drive system to establish wellbore circulation through the drill string
  • Saves valuable time by allowing the customer to quickly establish circulation
  • Eliminates red zone exposure and reduces risk of accident and injury through seamless changeovers
  • Compatible with other Frank’s technology, such as the FC-1™ Fill-up and Circulating Tool, for uninterrupted operation from casing to drill pipe applications. Usage in conjunction with Frank’s Diverter Tools provides a complete wellbore fluid management package.


Our original solution – the VERSAFLO™ HD tool – is ideal for deepwater and ultra-deepwater applications, boasts a tensile capacity of 2.5 million lbs. and is compatible with 6-5/8 FH connections. The VERSAFLO™ HD Tool has an established record of generating significant time savings, as much as seven minutes per stand depending on the operation.




The VERSAFLO™ Switch tool delivers the same functionality as the VERSAFLO™ HD tool, with the added benefit of interchangeable rig end connections without having to add crossovers. It is compatible with any 5 in. or larger rotary shoulder connection. In addition to deepwater and ultra-deepwater, the VERSAFLO™ Switch tool is equally at home in shelf applications.




The compact design and flexibility of the VERSAFLO™ Omni tool makes it an ideal solution for shelf and land work. It allows the use of shorter bails (8-12 ft.) and is compatible with any 5 in. or larger rotary shoulder connection.


Animation: VERSAFLO Tool

Watch an animation of our original VERSAFLO™ HD Tool in action.

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