An operator in the Gulf of Mexico wanted to perform a deep-set negative test to confirm well integrity and set a suspension barrier while the tubing head spool was installed in a single trip.



  • – Blackhawk mobilized its 10-3/4″ BRUTE® 2 HD Storm System including the BRUTE® 2 Storm Valve and BRUTE® Bumper Sub
  • – The storm system was first deep set and negative tested to 6,400 psi with 205,000 lbs. of tailpipe
  • – During the same trip, the storm system was repositioned up the well, reset, and successfully negative tested to 1440 psi prior to disconnecting and displacing above the storm system
  • – After the tubing head spool was installed, the 10-3/4″ BRUTE® 2 HD Storm System was retrieved with minimal overpull and returned to surface with no issue


  • – The tensile and pressure rating of the BRUTE® 2 HD Storm System allowed the operator to reduce trip times by allowing more tailpipe to be run below the system
  • – System capabilities enabled the operator to perform both tests and temporary abandonment in a single trip, eliminating 1.5 days of rig time and resulting in a savings of approximately $1,000,000 USD

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