In response to an operator seeking a time-saving solution while running deep liners aboard a semi-sub rig in the Mediterranean, Frank’s International presented the VERSAFLO™ Switch Casing and Drill Pipe Flowback and Circulation Tool configured to VX57 connections. Goals for the operation included reducing the time circulating drilling fluid, taking flow back and reducing the risk of becoming differentially stuck.



In this case, the Drill Pipe Module of the VERSAFLO™ Switch tool, coupled with its wireless control unit, provided a safe, fast, and efficient way to take flowback without the need to mechanically connect the top drive to the drill string. The automated internal fluid valve protected against unwanted fluid circulation from the Kelly hose pressure head. Additional time savings resulted from a quick change in packer assemblies for the landing string from 5 7/8-inch to 6 5/8-inch.



Casing and landing string were successfully run without issues. Not having to screw into the drill pipe to take flow back every connection while running the liner greatly reduced the time required for the operation. The versatility and ease of the quickly interchangeable packer cups saved time while running different sizes of drill pipe, and overall over the course of the job. The incremental time savings across the landing string and other parts of the operation added up to approximately ten hours overall.


The customer was pleased with the performance of the VERSAFLO™ Switch tool.

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