The Frank’s International BRUTE® Retrievable Service Packer is specifically designed for high-pressure and high-tensile service work, such as testing, treating, and squeeze cementing applications. The BRUTE® Retrievable Service Packer is primarily designed to provide reliable temporary abandonment solutions when assembled with the BRUTE® Storm Valve and BRUTE® Bumper Sub to form the BRUTE® Storm System.

Watch an animation on the BRUTE® System:

  • Key Benefits and Features
    • API 11D1 & ISO 14310 V3 validated for reliable quality and performance control
    • Modular design increases range of application and operational efficiencies
    • Simple and robust design allows for faster sets and multiple retrievals to significantly increase operational efficiencies and rig time savings
    • Secondary rubber mandrel and increased slip area allow for combined pressure and tensile ratings and additional tailpipe to be hung below packer to increase total rig time savings
    • Ability to unset and retrieve assembly with tailpipe without rotation for quicker retrieval operations
    • Non-ratcheting slip design eliminates need for milling equipment to disengage slip for more reliable packer retrieval
    • Enhanced drag block design eliminates the risk of damaging or losing drag blocks in the well to mitigate costly fishing operations
    • Unique triple element design provides industry-leading combined pressure and tensile rating and redundant sealing capability ensuring higher safety factor
    • Available with carbide trim buttons and slips for high-strength casing and longer service life
    • Hydraulically-operated upper hold-down buttons and mechanically-operated lower slips anchor the packer when differential pressures are applied to increase safety and reliability

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