Our Latch-Down Plugs are designed to provide a reliable mechanical barrier to aid in the control of fluid and pressure from below conventional float equipment. Preventing the pressure from entering the casing after the cement job allows the release of the bump pressure of the plug after the cement column is in place.

  • Latch-down mechanism prevents cement from moving back up casing
  • Latch-down mechanism allows for the latching of multiple plugs for wet shoe track option and double plug option
  • Bump pressure 10,000 psi
  • Back pressure 5,000 psi (with two plugs latched)
  • Plug rated to 350 degrees F
  • Compatible with WBM, OBM, and SBM
  • Bottom plugs have option for 1,250 psi, 1,500 psi, or 3,000 psi rupture disk
  • Rupture disk is made from nickel alloy and will result in no debris falling onto the floats

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