The STAB-RITE™ is a remotely operated pipe positioning system designed to enhance rig safety and performance during a variety of casing, tubing, drillpipe, and riser applications. The system’s powerful jaws maintain control of tubulars, reducing crew fatigue during critical pipe-handling operations. The STAB-RITE™ has the capability to move the pipe safely away from the well center until needed and then to reposition the pipe accurately for initial stab.

  • Utilizing the STAB-RITE™ in conjunction with Frank’s remote control elevators eliminates the need for derrickmen
  • Engineered with safety features that prevent unintentional tool deployment and accidental release of pipe
  • Can reduce crew fatigue
  • Comes equipped with remote LED lights and audio alarm
  • Paint scheme enhances visibility
  • Compliant with the Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS)
  • Can interface with rig zone management systems, as well as with rig hydraulic systems
  • When stored in upright locked position, the STAB-RITE™ and its derrick interface do not interfere with normal rig operations
  • Total rig-up time is less than three hours
  • Enhances overall safety of pipe running operations
  • Increases thread reliability and decreases cross-threading by reducing misalignment during make up

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